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My vocation
Why choose me
  • I have over 5 years' experience filming countless weddings, but I keep things simple and remain a one-person business. This makes me affordable compared to many!

  • This is my passion. My wedding film bought me such joy and I want to spread that feeling - I really do care and treat each wedding with the reverence it deserves - this is a big deal!

  • I tell a story - this isn't about an end-to-end account of the day from one view point. I capture those little details you might otherwise forget

  • As well as getting to know you, I make it my mission to know who the key players are on your day and ensure they're in your final edit


  • I'm not another supplier you need to think about and brief - my fly-on-the-wall style means I stay in the background and shadow your photographer; I won't take up any precious mingle fact, you can completely ignore me - I won't be offended, ha!

  • In the full edit, I like to use music that is important to you as a couple​

  • I'm flexible and open to your ideas - I want to deliver something that's perfect for you, so would love to hear your suggestions​ ahead of the big day

I come from a family of avid photo-takers (seriously, every time we're together is a major photo opportunity, much to the 'delight' of my husband!) and the importance of capturing memories to enjoy forevermore is something I've always been passionate about. 

The fact that videography takes this concept to a whole new level means I have found my calling in life!

And that's literally how my business came about; following my own nuptials, I had an epiphany moment when watching our own wedding video again a few months later – we get to relive this special day, that was months in the planning forever more, experiencing all those precious moments in a way that a still image just can't deliver. Utterly invaluable.


So, I left my job in marketing and started my journey to becoming a wedding videographer ...I've never looked back!

I find it such an honour to be behind the scenes on the most important day of a couple’s lives. The electric atmosphere, the romance – it is a joy to be a fly on the wall.


I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have -

get in touch!

Speak soon, Jess x

Photo by Guy Collier
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