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  • Your package isn’t quite what we were after – can we change it?
    Absolutely! My 'most popular' wedding package is based on the most common requirements, but it can absolutely be adapted to suit your needs and the cost of the package altered accordingly. For example, some people like to skip the bridal prep and have me arrived for the ceremony onwards, others need me for a longer day.
  • What training have you had?
    I have a Diploma in video from Shaw Academy, trained with renowned cinematographer György László as part of a DSLR HD Video Course with DSLR Photography Courses and attended a workshop with celebrated wedding videographer, Philip White. I also on training courses every year so just ask if you'd like to know the latest!
  • How do we book you?
    Once we’ve discussed all your requirements and you’d like to go ahead, just let me know and I’ll send you a link to the Ts&Cs and details for payment. To secure the date, I require a £500 deposit. The balance is due 1 month before the wedding date.
  • Are you filming the whole time you are there?
    The hours agreed (9 hours as standard) refer to the time I'll be spending at the venue – from when I arrive to when I leave. But, aside from my brief set up time and a break to eat, I'd pretty much be filming the whole time. I want to come away with as much footage possible!
  • What is your shooting style?
    My style is very much 'fly on the wall', I don't take you away from your guests or ask you to pose at all, you can just ignore me on the day and look forward to cinematic, yet authentic film of your day, which includes lots of guests moments you will have missed, as well as the big events of day.
  • What about the edit? Do you include everything you shoot?
    Your film will take you through all the special couple moments of the day, cut with clips of your guests and venue. Anything and anyone successfully shot will end up in the film, which is why the film is not a set length – it depends on what I am able to capture on the day. So, you can rest assured that no one has ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • Once we’ve booked, what happens next?
    I send over a short ‘couples questionnaire’ for you and your partner to fill out which gives me all the details of the day.
  • Is there sound on the video or just music?
    For both the highlights and the long edit, there is a mixture - I certainly bring in sound captured live on the day for some elements - sometimes snippets from the vows and/or speeches feature or simply the general chat/laughter/atmospheric sounds that happen on the day. But for a lot of it, it makes more sense to remove the sound and simply have the music, so that the video flows. Especially if you get the speeches and vows separately anyway.
  • Do we get to choose the music for the full video?
    I invite you make suggestions in your 'couple's questionnaire' – I want you to be as happy with your film as it’s possible to be, and that includes loving the music that is featured on it. But, as I am the film-maker, I do have the creative rights to choose from the suggestions you give and/or use a different piece of music – the priority is that the music works with the footage.
  • Do we have a say in what/who is included?
    You can certainly brief me on what/who I can’t miss! However, I do make a point of learning who the key players are (family and the wedding party) to make sure you’re not disappointed. The film/s I supply are final.
  • What format do you shoot in?
    Full HD (1920×1080 pixels), but ask me about 4k if interested.
  • How many cameras do you use and what other equipment to you have?
    As it’s just me, I use one camera for most of the day on a discreet monopod that I can run around with. However, I do have bring a second camera which I set up on a tripod during the ceremony and speeches (where possible) to get a second angle. I also have a variety of lenses and mics – everything required to capture your day. If you’d like to know specifics, just shout!
  • It looks like you’re using a camera for photography, not a traditional camcorder – what’s that about?
    Good point and one of the questions I get asked most! I shoot with DSLRs (most creative wedding vdieographers do) and though these are traditionally built for photography, they are the best tool for film in order to achieve a cinematic style. The biggest difference between DSLRs and camcorders is that DSLRs have much larger sensors than camcorders (at least at the same price point) – this gives two big advantages in terms of video: you can achieve beautiful depth of field and shoot in low light without additional lighting.
  • I only see the highlight films on your site - is it possible to look at examples of the full films, speeches or ceremonies you have shot?
    Yes, of course – at your request. I have examples hosted on private web links which I’m happy to show you, though they must not be shared publically as they include copyrighted music.
  • How do you record the sound?
    My camera is more than sufficient for anecdotal/atmospheric sound throughout the day. I also have separate external mics to place near to where the vows and speeches are taking place so that cleaner sound is captured for these moments. Some videographers choose to mic up anyone giving a speech with lapel mics, so they get a really clean sound - that's great, but I'm a strong believer in staying in the background and not getting too close with additional microphones.
  • Do you have lighting?
    Nope – I keep my set up to an absolute minimum so that I don’t draw attention. I have found that artificial lighting isn’t necessary with the high-performance camera that I have. It may not be very bright on screen once it gets dark (normally for the first dance onwards), but there tends to be enough light in the room so that this isn’t a problem.
  • Can you just film the day and leave the editing to us?
    Unfortunately, I don’t offer ‘shooting only’ services. The edit is arguable the biggest part of the creative process and something I feel passionately about doing myself. When I shoot, I’m already thinking about how that clip will work in the edit so you can end up with a film which truly does your day justice.
  • I didn’t book a videographer but have lots of footage from smart phones/GoPros – do you offer edit only services?
    Yes! I’m more than happy to edit-only any existing footage, whether is be the ceremony, speeches, first dance, clips from throughout the day or a combination - provided the quality and quantity makes it possible. Get in touch so that I can work out a quote for you.
  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for you filming our wedding?
    Nope! You don’t need to worry about a thing – just enjoy your special day, safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to relive it for years to come!
  • Do you have your own insurance?
    Absolutely - I am fully insured, including public liability insurance.
Photos by Beki Young Photography
If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!
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