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What to consider when booking a wedding videographer

The choice can seem over-whelming when researching videographers.

When I got married, I went on recommendations from friends when choosing a photographer and videographer, without even looking at any others! I was not disappointed and still think this is the best (and easiest way of choosing).

However, in hindsight, it would have been good to know certain things before booking, which I didn’t even think about or took for granted.

1. The most expensive doesn’t mean the best

Price is often a reflection of experience, but it doesn’t mean you need to blow your budget to get the video you envisage. I’m comparatively inexpensive compared to other videographers offering the same package, but being fairly new to this, means I cherish every job to the absolute max, giving every film all the care I can muster – I am so grateful for doing what I love and long may that continue!

2. You’re investing in the person, as well as their work

By this, I mean it’s really important to get on with your videographer and know they ‘get you’ as a couple. They are going to be following you around on the most important day of your lives so far (all be it unobtrusively and in the background in my case), so you want to actually like them. Most couples like to meet before the big day if they can - this is a great chance to get to know each other a bit and helps me craft your story when it comes to the final edit.

3. What gear? What format?

This is a more practical point, but very good to know. Most cinematic videographers, including me, will shoot in Full HD as standard using DSLR cameras (the same kind of cameras photographers use…which are ironically the better choice than actual camcorders). Full HD (1080p) is BluRay quality and the best format 99% of people will be watching back in…for now. If you’re down with your pixels and excited about 4K, that is also an option, though it will often come at a price as the file sizes are huge.

4. Intimate or epic?

I like to think my style is a bit of both, but when I say ‘epic’, I’m thinking of shots like drone footage or complex pans. Not something I offer as standard at the moment, as like to keep gear (and costs) to a minimum. But I have had clients request drone footage, so I’ve outsourced trusted second shooters to work with. There are always options - so just ask!

Ultimately, if you’ve seen their previous work, and you love what you see AND you get good vibe when you enquire– go for it. If you like their showreel, go for it!

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