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It's not just brides (or grooms) who book

This month I had my first last-minute booking – with less than a week to go until the big day. I’m so pleased I was actually free!

Initially I was totally surprised that anyone would leave it so late to book. But, on reflection, it makes quite a lot of sense. Because it wasn’t the bride who got in touch, or even the groom. It was the Mother of the Bride.

The bride and groom didn’t think they wanted a video and with all the plans were place, hadn’t budgeted for one. But, as the day fast-approached, the bride’s mother decided that a film or her daughter’s big day was important to her. So, she herself could have an account of the proudest day of her life, to show her friends and family.

All the contact I had to make the booking and to learn the details of the wedding day has been through the bride’s mother and what a pleasure it was! I still met the couple before the big day, but they haven’t had to organise (or pay!) for it, which I think is a fantastic wedding gift.

Have you thought about booking a wedding film as the ultimate gift for someone's big day?

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