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Music and sound

Audio is such a big part of your wedding film, but probably not something you’ve really thought about.

Or, if you have, it’s to panic about what you might say on camera. It’s true - in a moment of stress when the flowers haven’t turned up, or it’s starting to rain, I’ve caught some pretty colourful language on film!

But rest assured - I would never include that in the final edit!

Yes, I’m about capturing your day as it happens and creating a very real account of the best day of your lives, but the realness comes from the love, romance and general awesomeness of your wedding day. So, any in-film audio (audio captured as it happens) that I use, will be to create a sense of atmosphere and joy at a remembered moment; a clip from the vows or speeches, excited anticipation expressed when you’re getting ready with your friends and family, or your guests sharing a laugh.

For a lot of the film, the audio is removed, to emphasis the shot itself. And throughout the whole film, a soundtrack of appropriate, lovely music accompanies your story. The music is usually a combination tracks the couple love, including the first dance track, combined with a cinematic score, which really works well.

If you have any questions or desires when it comes to the music and audio in your film, I’d love to hear your comments!

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